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Saxonburg Area Authority

The Saxonburg Area Authority provides sanitary sewer service to Saxonburg Borough, Jefferson, Middlesex, Penn, and Clinton Townships.

All members of the Board are appointed to five-year terms by Saxonburg Borough Council.

Currently, there are a total of nine Board members who make up the Authority Board.  There are five members from Saxonburg Borough and one from Clinton, Jefferson, Middlesex, and Penn Township.

Current Members are the following:

Saxonburg:    Jay Rinebolt, Edward Gulick, Doug Farney, James Stanek, and Gerry Mullen.
Jefferson Twp:  Curtis Heakins
Penn Twp: Douglas Roth
Clinton Twp: John Ham
Middlesex Twp: Gregory Clifford.

The web site is www.the-saa.org