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Chairman:           Gerry Mullen
Vice Chairman:  Fred Caesar
Treasurer:           Maria McCullough
Members: Tom Canel, Jim McLafferty,   Joe Neubert,
Rick Markovich

Saxonburg Historical & Restoration Commission


P. O. Box 150

Saxonburg, PA  16056

724-352-1400 x227

​The Saxonburg Historical & Restoration Commission (SHRC) is in charge of Roebling Park, Saxonburg Museum, and Cooper Hall. Saxonburg Festival of the Arts is also sponsored by the SHRC each September.

The 2017 Saxonburg Festival of the Arts will be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 9 & 10, 2017.

For information about the festival or Cooper Hall/Roebling Park rental, please refer to the website link below.


Meeting Dates

Park Rental