Roebling Park

Roebling Park sits in the Northeast corner of picturesque Saxonburg. 

Roebling Park is named in honor of John Augustus Roebling, who founded Saxonburg in 1832. Roebling was the inventor of wire rope and was the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge. His wire rope shop is located in the Park, as well as a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Rental Information for Roebling Park is below. Gatherings must adhere to the CDC's Guidelines for COVID-19.


Rental Information

Cooper Hall will not be available for rental after November 9, 2022.


Please come back for park rental information for 2023.

Availability Calendar

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Physical Address of the Park:
147 North Rebecca Street, Saxonburg

Mailing Address:
Saxonburg Borough
420 W. Main Street
Saxonburg, PA  16056
724-352-1400 Option 3


To rent Roebling Park, or for more rental information,

please email [email protected] or call 724-352-1400 Option 3.

Many of our photos were taken by Fred Caesar, whose contact information can be found by calling our Parks Department

at 724-352-1400 Option 3